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Sound Object Logic

Software Engineering Experts

At Sound Object Logic (SOL), we put our expertise in application design, web development, training, Intranet/Internet design and development to the service of our customers.

Our philosophy is to provide skills and know-how to the companies who are seeking for high quality software development practices and tools in compliance with Object-Oriented Software Development and Model Driven Architecture principles.

And above all, we claim that what makes us different from other software development companies is our capacity - and commitment - to understand our client's projects and requirements, in their minutest details, and with the highest security standards.

In addition, we do not systematically promote the use of the latest technological fashions. Simply said, we tend to use simple tools we are confident about, that we find or that we build, to reach the objectives. And this is simply sound engineering... As a result, we are present and provide support all along the project lifecycle.

Sound engineering and ongoing support make us stand out from the regular IT company approach. The compact size of our company further contributes to our pragmatic way of handling manageable projects, since oversized missions, in terms of people and budget involved, hardly have any chance to ever reach completion... We believe in what we do and how we do it, and are proud to take responsibility for the solutions we provide.

Feel free to challenge us and check that customer focus and strong committment are not just words, but truly how we deliver our comprehensive range of IT Services:

  • Consulting
  • e-Learning
  • Training
  • Internet

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